Friday, 3 February 2012

It's Been a while

Firstly, I apologise for not posting more frequently, I've just been having to sort out a few bits and bobs.

So, what's new in the world of Pyrophernalia?

Sadly not much. Just mainly been dabbling with a few new ideas. Have finally got some web space, so should be starting to slowly set up the website over the weekend.

I seem to be getting more and more into the leatherworking side of things, but that doesn't mean I won't still be doing pyrography on wood.

I've ordered a few more things for the leather side, a few tools, threads and other general bits and bobs, so hopefully they should be with me next week.

Latest make has been a hat I've been playing with. It's taken about 24 hours in total over about 2-3 weeks, but it's finished at last ( I may get a couple of quill feathers to put in the side for a little extra added something.


  1. I did leave you a coment on CF but will do so again as it is worth it. lol. You must be very pleased with the result, its lovely.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Carol. I actually found it really fun to do, even if it did take a while :D